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Marketing Strategies for Realtors, Insurance Agents, Mortgage Brokers & Entrepreneurs

A successful marketing strategy begins with the right marketing ideas, effective marketing tools, and the persistence and creativity to follow through with a marketing plan until it yields results. Whether you're involved in marketing real estate, mortgage marketing, or insurance marketing, this site features a number of marketing templates, tools, and other resources that could help you increase your productivity, lead generation, and sales and marketing success. If you're engaged in marketing other types of services or products, the business proposal templates that are featured below could be invaluable in helping you gain an edge in competitive bidding situations. For many small businesses, knowing how to write a business proposal can make a big difference in the outcome of sales presentations, marketing campaigns, and corporate bidding opportunities. Through affiliate relationships we have cultivated with select Internet publishers, we will continue to offer professionally written marketing letter templates, real estate flyer templates, e-books on small business marketing strategy, and other marketing materials that we hope will be directly beneficial to the profitability of your small business marketing efforts. We invite you to visit our new small business marketing blog (launched 10/3/13): Marketing Mindset for more insights, strategies, and marketing ideas. If you're a real estate agent or Realtor, you'll also find some worthwhile ideas and resources at our new real estate marketing blog.
Marketing e-Book for Realtors:
"Real Estate Postcard Marketing's Best Kept Secrets!"

    This real estate postcard marketing manual will teach you how to use real estate direct mail postcard strategies to tap into a larger market and catch the attention of a wider group of real estate prospects
  • You'll discover how to create an effective marketing message with a high-perceived value to generate a bigger response rate from your target audience
  • Start using proven techniques in your current real estate marketing campaign to generate more business and make more money
  • Learn how to design winning real estate postcards, or just copy the successful designs featured in this informative manual.
If you're involved in postcard direct mail marketing or are considering it, download your copy of "Real Estate Postcard Marketing's Best Kept Secrets", today, and experience the difference in your lead generation results!

Real Estate Marketing Tools and Strategies

  1. Free fill-in-the-blank real estate flyer sample for Realtors and real estate agents
  2. 101 ways to generate a six-figure income as a real estate agent
  3. Professionally written marketing letters & templates for realtors
  4. Closing techniques for Realtors and mortgage brokers
  5. Templates for writing mortgage marketing letters
  6. Social media marketing tactics for real estate agents
  7. Attention realtors! Do have a residential property that's been sitting on the market for too long? Here are 7 reasons why it hasn't sold yet and what you can do about it!
  8. real estate flyers templates
    • Now has 53 Reusable Templates.
    • One-time fee only
    • No hidden fees or subscription fees.
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    Just acquired a new listing? Download these professional real estate flyers templates, right now, to create impressive real estate flyers in minutes!

    Marketing articles: Real estate marketing tips and ideas

    Imagine how Twitter—if used effectively—could potentially grow your real estate business (or almost any other kind of business)! Case in point: Using Twitter marketing techniques to create an automated way of locating more real estate properties and home buyers, Sean developed an successful Twitter Marketing strategy that has attracted tens of thousands of Twitter followers to his real estate business. As a matter of fact, at last count he had 79K followers! Visit Twixplode to learn exactly how you can duplicate his success!

Proposal Software for Writing Business Proposals:

Accurately quote your projects, create winning proposals, negotiate your contracts, multiply your profitability, brand yourself as a top professional and close the sale. Proposal Kit helps you demonstrate that you are the right professional for your customers. It's the mission-critical tool for how to write a proposal on a moments notice. Proven for over a decade to be fast, easy, customizable and accurate. Order and download business proposal software here.

When you purchase the Proposal Pack online, you also get 155 sample proposals in the software kit, including the following real estate-oriented business proposal examples: Real Estate Property Sales Services Proposal, Real Estate Occupancy Sample Proposal, Real Estate Land Development Proposal, Real Estate Property Sales Services Proposal, and Real Estate Investment Funding Proposal. There's actually a wide variety of sample proposals included in the kit—not just real estate ones— providing you with a veritable library of professionally written business proposals that meet the needs of dozens of professions, industries, and non-profit organizations. To get access to two free proposal examples and more information about sample proposals, visit this page on our website.

Check out this article: How to Write a Compelling Service Proposal

Take a few minutes to watch this important video about the marketing power of LinkedIn. It explains why this often overlooked social networking site is delivering double the results of every other site. This video will add value to your business! Check it out!

Small Business Marketing...Some Things Never Change

With Facebook marketing, Twitter marketing, and mobile marketing increasingly becoming a part of our small business marketing lexicon, one thing's for sure: business marketing has changed enormously in just the last ten years. For businesses that want to tap into the potential of Web marketing, having a professional-looking Web site that's been optimized for the search engines is no longer something to keep in mind for the future--it's an immediate necessity. Most well-rounded integrated marketing strategies should include everything from SEO marketing and social marketing to blog marketing and some form of face-to-face marketing.

In spite of the fact that marketing has changed so much in recent years, certain things remain the same and probably won't change in any of our lifetimes. Here's a short list of some of the immutable truths and strategies about small business marketing:

  1. People usually don't like to be sold to. The sales process, whether it's in person, over the phone, or in print, should be handled delicately--especially at first. It's usually necessary to warm a sales prospect up, establish your or your business's credibility, and reassure people they're making the right decision. That can be accomplished by making the benefits very clear and, whenever possibly, offering some sort of quality assurance guarantee or warranty.
  2. Clear communication is one of the most important selling skills to cultivate. If you overload your prospect with too much information or if any of it is at all confusing, your chances of losing the sale increase exponentially. The more you confuse your prospect, the greater the likelihood that you'll hear the dreaded words, "I'd like to think about it."
  3. Relationship marketing techniques work. Sales resistance is significantly reduced when your prospect knows you, has heard of you, or trusts you. There are many ways to brand yourself, achieve visibility in the media or your community, or just adopt a systematic approach to customer relationship management. That's a topic for another article, but suffice it to say that approaching sales as a multi-step process usually yields better results than expecting to go from introduction to closing the sale in 15 minutes. "You had me from hello" only works in the movies!
  4. Public relations has evolved quite a bit over the past two decades, but it still remains a viable strategy for generating publicity, strengthening credibility, and building name recognition.
  5. Writing a small business marketing plan, even a simple one, can help you sharpen your focus, strengthen your competitive edge, and help you grow your business more deliberately.
  6. Marketing recommendation: Make sure to avoid these 11 marketing blunders!

Marketing Tools & Templates

Check out the following marketing tools*, templates, and websites to save time, improve your marketing effectiveness, and to avoid "re-inventing the wheel"! This site is a source for everything from real estate marketing letters and mortgage marketing letters to proposal writing software and templates for flyers.
Facebook Marketing 2013

Marketing articles, tips, and ideas:

Visit our marketing articles index page for a list of more small business marketing strategies, tactics, and marketing tips.

Featured Real Estate Marketing Tool:

Real estate flyer Templates

Marketing Tips: A Small Business Marketing Blog Can Boost Web Site Traffic & Sales

BTW...Our new marketing blog launched on 10/3/13 is "Marketing Mindset"

If you or someone you know is a good conversational writer, blogging can be an effective way to engage prospective customers and inform existing ones about products, services, and special offers and events. You can set up and publish a blog in a matter of minutes for free at one of several well-known blogging websites. The ideal small business marketing blog consists of a combination of useful information, helpful tips, amusing observations, announcements about about special events, money-saving opportunities, "news you can use", and information which your customers or prospects would find helpful and interesting--things which would give them an advantage in some aspect of life. In addition to Blogger.com, which is Google's free blogging platform, there's also Wordpress, Tumblr, Blog.com, and a few others.

There are many different approaches to blogging for a small business, and each blogger should customize their blog so that it supports their business goals, reflects their business style, and relates to their customers and target audience. Developing a small business marketing blog is a skill you can acquire as you do it, so don't let any self doubts stop you from trying. The important thing is to get started! Once you begin writing a business marketing blog, the challenge is write new posts at least once or twice a week. More people will tend to follow your blog and the search engines will take it more seriously if you post a lot of original content--one blog post at a time--on an ongoing basis. (It's not easy and everyone falls behind on their blog posting schedule every now and then!) It's also helpful to let as many people know about it as possible and try to get at least a dozen or more incoming links to your blog from other Web sites, blogs, directories, and so on.

For more blogging tips and insights into creating a profitable blog, visit our blog posts about blogging, titled "Misconceptions and Half-Truths about Making Money From a Blog", "Can a Business Blog Help Attract Customers?", and "Marketing Tools for Real Estate Agents, Mortgage Brokers, and Insurance Agents". We've also created a separate real estate marketing blog, a blog on being happy and healthy, a health and fitness blog, and a blog focusing on job interview questions at Wordpress.

Through affiliated websites, Marketing Survival Kit offers a variety of effective marketing tools, such as real estate marketing letters, mortgage marketing letters, insurance marketing letters,
and business proposal templates. In addition to the above-mentioned marketing tools, this site is also a source of small business marketing articles, ideas, and marketing tips.

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