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How to Market Real Estate Using Marketing Letters,
Email, Referrals, and the Internet

If you're looking for techniques and strategies on how to market real estate, check
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Real Estate Marketing Tools

How to Market Real Estate Using Direct Mail, Newsletters

Marketing Real Estate with Letters

Having a collection of ready-to-use real estate marketing letters for virtually every type of prospect and situation will enable you to be ready for a variety of marketing opportunities. A professionally-written assortment of 200 real estate letters is available in these (and a few other) categories:
  • Agent Introduction Letters
  • General Prospecting Letters
  • Slow Housing Market Prospecting Letters
  • Short Sale Prospecting Letters
  • Expired Listing Prospecting Letters
  • FSBO Prospecting Letters Series
  • Buyer Inquiry Prospecting Letters
  • Open House Letters
  • Home Staging Letters
  • Referral Letters
  • Appointment Letters
  • Thank You Letters
  • Holiday Letters

If you're looking for ways to market real estate using direct mail techniques, this collection of prospecting letters and relationship-building letters can be one of the cornerstones of a successful campaign to market real estate in your community.