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Most small businesses can benefit financially from including business sales letters in their arsenal of marketing tools and strategies. Two approaches you can use in generating leads through the mailing of business sales letters are to use sales letter templates or write the letters yourself from scratch. If you do decide to write your business sales letters without the help of sales letter templates or a professional copywriter, here are a few vital tips to keep in mind:
  • Make the business sales letter visually inviting. In other words, if the letter looks too verbose and cluttered, it's not going to draw the prospect into the message (and the letter will be thrown away, unread).
  • Be concise and to the point! People are busy and don't have the time or patience to read long business sales letters. For that reason, an important step to writing an effective business sales letter is to edit and condense it as much as possible.
  • Your business sales letter should start with an attention-catching headline that either sparks people's curiosity or focuses on benefits they'll receive from taking advantage of your offer.
  • Always make sure to have a clear 'call to action' in your business sales letters so it's clear to your prospects that a response is requested. Provide as many choices for responding, as possible, because some people might prefer email to picking up the phone; or a handful of prospects might prefer to clip a coupon and mail it through the post office.
  • Give people a compelling reason to respond to your business sales letter. To overcome the natural tendency we all have to procrastinate, your sales letters need to contain incentives, such as a limited-time discount, limited supplies, free giveaways, or just the fact that the sooner they set up an appointment, the sooner they can make their lives easier, safer, more secure, more luxurious, more enjoyable, or whatever benefits your product or service offers.
  • Reduce sales resistance by offering a guarantee of satisfaction, if appropriate, and mentioning your BBB rating or professional trade group affiliations. If you have any glowing customer testimonials (words of praise) it might be helpful to include one or two of those in your marketing letters (with the permission of the person who wrote them).
  • A follow-up letter to targeted prospects can also be an effective way to increase your response rates to marketing letter campaigns.
The most important ingredients of effective advertisements or sales letters are good ideas and the use of proven techniques.

Below, you'll find three examples of sales letters, which accomplish several key objectives: the sales letters grab the attention of the prospect and they focus on the benefits that the prospect stands to gain if they respond to the offer. The sales letters convey enthusiasm, offer the promise of quality and good service, and include an incentive to respond right away. In addition, they contain an enticing "P.S.", which, interestingly, is one of the most frequently read and most important parts of a sales letter; sometimes prospects will skip over the middle of the letter and go directly to the "P.S".

The three sample business sales letters on this page, including a step-by-step expert analysis of a business sales letter, are very different from one another, increasing the chances that you'll be able to pick up some valuable writing tips and ideas for promoting and marketing your self employed business or home-based business.

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Notice how the business sales letters incorporate tried-and-proven sales techniques, such as generating interest, establishing a need or desire for the product or service, explaining how you, the business owner, can solve the prospect's problem or fill a need, and finally, urging them to set up an appointment, act now, stop in, or expect a follow-up phone call.

I hope the sample business sales letters on this page will provide you with a helpful starting point or source of ideas for crafting effective sales letters that will generate more sales leads, inquiries, opportunities for sales presentations, and, of course, actual sales and greater profits!

In addition to providing sample sales letters, business sales letters examples, and tips and pointers on how to write sales letters, our site also provides links to helpful resources, such as sales letters templates and sales proposal letters templates.

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Jane Doe

Sample Business Sales Letter #1:

Doe Wordprocessing Services
123 Maple Drive
Metropolis, Pennsylvania 54321

John Smith
The Law Offices of Smith and Reynolds
123 Main Street
Metropolis, PA, 54320

January 1, 2011

Dear Mr. Smith:

The backbone of many successful businesses is the ability to consistently produce accurate documents and reports that convey a professional image. Your reputation, and ultimately your bottom line, depends on the appearance and fast turnaround time of your correspondence. When a business suddenly finds itself short staffed or facing a temporary work overload, the outcome is often a disruption in work flow and customer service.

Those types of business problems are easily preventable, though. Developing a working relationship with a dependable word processing service, such as mine, is an effective way to avoid a staffing crisis. I can offer you the business experience and computer skills you need to complete a special project, meet an important deadline, or help you through a transitional period, such as when a member of your support staff is on maternity leave.

Why wait until a crisis develops? Let's set up a brief meeting at your office to discuss my qualifications and how we can work together to keep your business running seamlessly during staff shortages or work overloads. I'd be happy to provide you with professional references of past and current clients who would attest to my reliability, resourcefulness, and the overall quality of my work.

I look forward to discussing my word processing services with you in the near future.

Thank you for your consideration.


Jane Doe
Doe Wordprocessing Services

P.S.:I can also help make your employees more valuable to you, by providing intensive one-on-one or group training in word processing, Excel spreadsheets, desktop publishing, customer service skills, and time management.

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Sample Business Sales Letter #2:

January 1, 2001

John Smith
Smith Car Emporium
123 Main Street
Smallville, N.Y. 12345
(000) 000-1234

Dear Steve:

This letter is worth $250 to you, so don't throw it away! Stop by at Smith Car Emporium during the next 5 days, and I'll reduce the price of any new or pre-owned vehicle by $500! And that's in addition to our already rock-bottom prices! So, if you've been thinking about replacing that old clunker of yours with a new, affordable vehicle that you'll be proud to own, call me today.

Imagine driving down the street in a shiny, new car that runs like a dream, instead of a nightmare! You can make that happen by stopping by Smith Car Emporium and test driving one of our many high quality, dependable vehicles. We have a huge selection, so you're sure to find just what you're looking for!

Worried about being turned down for a car loan? Been turned down before because of past credit problems? If bad credit has been standing in your way until now, I have great news for you! Whether you have good credit, bad credit, or no credit, virtually everyone is approved at Smith Car Emporium! We will work with you, every step of the way, to put you behind the wheel of the car of your choice.

Don't miss out on this special "Say Goodbye to Summer" Sale. All prices have been slashed, and if you bring in this letter to me before September 1st, I'll save you an additional $250 -- that's $500 in total savings! Call me today to set up an appointment! My number is (000) 000-1234.


John Smith
Sales Representative
Smith Car Emporium

P.S.: This is a limited time offer, so call me this week to get the best possible deal!

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