Real Estate Marketing Materials, Templates, and Tools

Whether you’re a new real estate agent or a seasoned Realtor®, there’s always room for more sales leads in your pipeline. Rather than going off in a hundred different marketing directions in your quest for more clients, why not focus on a few tried and proven methods, and then branch out from there.

To avoid some of the potential pitfalls of implementing new real estate marketing strategies, templates — such as open house flyers and prospecting letters — can help boost your productivity, generate inquiries, save you time and frustration.

Many Realtors and real estate agents excel  in the areas of salesmanship, negotiating the best deals for their clients, and problem-solving skills, but when it comes to sitting in front of a computer screen and writing an effective farming letter, referral request, or even a real estate thank you letter, they get bogged down.

Real Estate Prospecting Letters

The solution is to download a collection of professionally written real estate marketing letters that only require some minor tweaking and customization. That way, the hard work is already done for you, and all you need to do is insert the appropriate information in the designated spots and add your personal touches.

Visit this website* to get access to an extensive source of ready-to-use real estate marketing letters (320 letters) that can be used for dozens of different purposes and situations. It’s part of a client prospecting kit that includes the following real estate marketing tools.

  • New real estate agent introduction letters
  • Expired listing prospecting letters (free letter sample available)
  • Farming area prospecting letters
  • Short sale prospecting letters
  • FSBO real estate prospecting letters
  • Home staging letters
  • Referral requests
  • Real estate thank you letters
  • Prospecting letter offering free competitive market analysis
  • Letter to first-time home buyers
  • Prospecting letter targeting apartment renters
  • Open house invitations
  • Followup letters to potential buyers
  • Status reports, updates, and thank you letters to clients

When you order this kit of real estate letters, you also get 260 news letter articles you can use in your real estate email marketing program, direct mail campaigns, client welcome folders, open houses, home buyer seminars, and so on. For more details, visit “My Real Estate Letters*”.

Another real estate marketing tool that every Realtor and agent needs is real estate flyer templates. If you or an assistant has been designing real estate flyers that look a little, shall we say, “amateurish,” that could negatively impact your image and the marketability of your listings.

Real Estate Flyer Software

If you need a cost-effective marketing tool to solve this problem, there’s a kit of 53 real estate flyer templates* that are easy to use, professionally designed, and versatile. Visit Turnkey Flyers to view their gallery of real estate flyer designs and ideas. Their user-friendly real estate flyer software gives you the ability to create a real estate flyer in less than five minutes (Their online demonstration only takes about three minutes.)



Real Estate Flyer Maker



Real Estate Marketing Materials

Other real estate marketing materials that can help you project a professional image and instill confidence in your clients and real estate prospects include the following:

  • Professional looking real estate business cards
  • Real estate flyer boxes, flyer holders, and/or flyer tubes (available through Staples®,, etc.)
  • Real estate marketing postcards (Get free postcard marketing tips on my website)
  • Color brochures
  • Mailers
  • Greeting cards
  • Door hangers
  • Real estate marketing products and gifts (Real estate marketing idea: A unique and cost-effective real estate marketing idea that occurred to me while perusing a promotional products website is seed packets imprinted with your name on the back. It’s a great promotional item to enclose in real estate farming letters (no pun intended!). Although seed packets are not heavy or bulky, it will be obvious to the recipient that there’s something inside the envelope besides a sales letter. It will not only increase the “open rate” of your real estate farming letters, but it will also enhance the perceived value of your mailing and make you, as a real estate agent, more memorable.)

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*Disclaimer: Many of my real estate marketing blog posts feature links to digital products, real estate marketing materials, real estate letter templates, real estate news letter content, and email marketing services for which I am a compensated affiliate.

Prospecting Letters and Real Estate Marketing Ideas

So let’s say you’re a new real estate agent or you’re an established Realtor looking to increase the number of inquiries, leads, and referrals — not to mention sales — in your pipeline. From a real estate marketing standpoint, your objective is two-fold, at least in the beginning:

  1. First of all, you want to cost-effectively gain as much visibility, name recognition, and exposure to your target audience as you can.
  2. Secondly, you want to brand yourself as a knowledgeable, proactive real estate agent who delivers exceptional client service, superior value, and optimal results to clients. Although projecting that type of image may sound like a tall order, all the pieces should organically fall together when you focus your attention on self motivation, establishing successful daily habits, and enthusiastically going above and beyond client expectations.

Real Estate Marketing Tools and Strategies

One helpful starting point for launching a successful real estate marketing campaign  is to take inventory of your available marketing tools, and then develop a realistic action plan. There are literally dozens of real estate marketing ideas you could pursue to raise your visibility and fill up your pipeline, but if you spread yourself too thin, then your results will probably be diluted and lackluster. You need to determine — based on personal experience, observation, and self assessment — what real estate marketing strategies would be the best for your personality, marketing budget, competitive environment, communication skills, knowledge of Internet marketing techniques, social media marketing savvy, and so on.

Elements of a Real Estate Marketing Plan

As you develop your real estate marketing plan, here are some tools, resources, and techniques to consider using:

  • Real estate marketing letters: Whether you’re targeting first-time home buyers, expired listing prospects, or FSBO prospects, a customized, well-written real estate prospecting letter can help. If you need an example of an expired listing prospecting letter or download an entire collection of real estate marketing letters, visit this site.* Real estate marketing letters can be used for a variety of purposes, including introducing yourself, staying in touch, providing useful information, offering solutions to homeowners and home sellers, and asking for real estate referrals.
  • Real estate postcard marketing: Distributing postcards to your farming area can be an effective method for generating leads, phone calls, and email inquiries. When you mail out “just sold” or “just listed” postcards, for example, you have a lot of factors working in your favor, such as the “curiosity factor,” instant visibility (your prospects don’t have to open an envelope or even click on an email message in their in box), and the postage is more economical than doing a full-blown real estate letter mailing campaign. If you’re interested in postcard marketing tips, check out this series of articles on my website. Although the articles were written 12 years ago, many of the marketing ideas are as valid today as they were in the early years of the Internet. By the way… If you’re planning a real estate postcard marketing campaign in the next month or two, find out how to get the best possible results by reading Real Estate Postcard Marketing’s Best Kept Secrets.”*
  • Real estate marketing flyers: Virtually any real estate marketing strategy should include the selective distribution of attractive-looking real estate marketing flyers. In addition to putting them in brochure holders, community bulletin boards, and display areas at open houses, real estate flyers can also be emailed to your subscriber list and used in conjunction with real estate prospecting letters, newsletter mailings, and other real estate marketing materials at trade show booths and local festivals. If you need design ideas or easy-to-use real estate flyer templates, visit this website*.
  • Online real estate marketing: The Internet is an amazing real estate marketing vehicle, one which barely existed just a generation ago. In addition to social media marketing channels, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin, real estate agents have a variety of online marketing options, including email marketing, blogging, and website optimization. One of the many advantages of blogging is that it’s another way to share your knowledge, expertise, and helpful suggestions with current and prospective clients. It also helps position you as an credible source of information in the eyes of home sellers, buyers, and property owners.
  • Real estate business cards: Probably the cheapest, yet most important real estate marketing tool of all is your business card. That calling card should be eye-catching, unique, easy to read, and contain the most up-to-date contact information. If a standard business card can’t contain all the information, websites, and other information you want to pass along, there’s always the option of getting “tent” or fold-over business cards.
  • Miscellaneous real estate marketing tools: As I alluded to earlier, having a viable real estate marketing plan requires that you have a pretty clear idea of the various marketing tools available to you, and which ones would be the most productive and cost effective. In closing… here are a few more real estate marketing ideas, which may or may not be appropriate for you at this time: real estate marketing newsletters, brochures, door hangers, real estate text message marketing, pay-per-click advertising, Facebook advertising, Youtube advertising, real estate video marketing, newsletters, press releases, newspaper advertising, radio and TV advertising, billboards, a distinctive voice mail message, seminars for first-time home buyers, personalized calendars, and a free competitive market analysis.

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