Marketing Tools for Real Estate Agents, Insurance Agents, Mortgage Brokers

One of the biggest time wasters and marketing mistakes that a lot of sales agents, entrepreneurs, and small business owners make is trying to reinvent the wheel. I’m referring mostly to attempting to write persuasive sales letters or design professional-looking marketing flyers, especially if they’re already been created and perfected.

Here’s a list of marketing templates and e-books that I feature on my website, which can make it much easier for sales agents to “pass Go”, collect $200 (hopefully much more) and circumvent (or at least streamline) the learning curve for writing sales letters, designing real estate flyers, or coming up with effective ideas for real estate marketing postcards.

One of the great things about marketing letter templates for real estate, mortgage marketing, and insurances sales are that they’re versatile. They can be adapted for use on Web sites, blogs, electronic newsletter, ads, and of course direct mail. The above-mentioned sales letters are designed to be used for both introductory purposes and relationship development.

Since people tend to do business with someone they’re acquainted with, relationship-building letters can help facilitate that process and open the door to future sales. Of course, the more ways your prospective clients have heard of you, the better. That’s why it can help your marketing efforts to have a Web site, a blog, an e-mail newsletter, an active Facebook page, and even a Twitter account.

But isn’t all this stuff kind of overwhelming?!

Since all of this online marketing can be time-consuming, if not downright exhausting, it may be necessary to pick and choose among the marketing methods that you feel most comfortable with. Another criteria for choosing online marketing tactics might be the experiences of your colleagues. If they’ve been successful with social media and other marketing methods, it might be well worth your efforts, too.

Another approach to social media marketing and other online techniques is to have someone else handle it for you! If you have an Internet-savvy assistant or a college intern who can help you launch a Facebook page, a professional blog, or an e-mail newsletter, then that could be an effective way to gain more online visibility (without having to work 24/7). It’s necessary to your career and personal well being to have time to recharge your battery, so there’s only so much time in the day for client acquisition, personal networking, and self promotion. Finding the perfect balance without burning your candle at both ends is the big challenge for real estate agents, mortgage brokers, insurance account executives, and other entrepreneurial types.

One of the most important marketing principle that needs to be incorporated into your daily activities is the idea of “Top of Mind Awareness”. Not only do people tend to do business with sales agents that they know and like, but they also gravitate toward people that they’ve had contact with recently. It’s the age-old principle of “out of sight…out of mind”. By cultivating relationships with people in your contacts list, and by expanding that contacts list on a regular basis, your sales success and productivity should increase accordingly.

Disclaimer: The writer of this blog is a compensated affiliate of the above-mentioned marketing templates, real estate marketing flyers, sales letter templates, and digital information products (e-books)

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