Real Estate Letter Templates

If you’re a Realtor or real estate agent, a huge chunk of your time and energy can be consumed by tasks, such as writing letters to prospective clients, existing clients, and professionals you’d like to network with.

One of the best ways to manage your time, increase your productivity, and streamline the process of generating leads is to use professionally written real estate letter templates.

Although real estate letter templates are more effective when you customize them and add your own personal touches, you can save an immense amount of time by starting out with a boilerplate message that you can then refine, modify, and tweak to suit your specific needs and objectives.

Real Estate Letter Templates for Marketing

Whether you’re using email or postal mail, real estate letter templates can be very versatile and serve a wide variety of purposes. Here are a few examples of how you can use real estate letter templates for marketing, farming a specific neighborhood, promoting your listings, or increasing name recognition in your community:

  • Introducing yourself to a new farming area
  • Offering your services to expired listing prospects
  • Making yourself known to FSBO prospects
  • Generating leads from potential first-time home buyers
  • Approaching prospects about short sale options
  • Announcing a new listing or open house

Real Estate Letter Templates for Generating Referrals

Well written letters can also help you build (or reactivate) valuable networking relationships with other professionals, acquaintances, and mutually beneficial business contacts, including the following:

  • Contacts in your sphere of influence
  • Apartment managers
  • Accountants (CPAs)
  • Appraisers
  • Insurance Agents
  • Lawyers
  • Mortgage brokers

Real Estate Templates for Business Communication

Very often a simple, but sincere letter can help establish or advance a client relationship, confirm an appointment, create “top of mind awareness”, answer questions, overcome sales objections, and set the stage for future meetings and agreements.

Having an already-written set of templates, real estate thank you letters, appointment reminders, market updates, progress reports, price adjustment recommendations, listing extension requests, and other types of essential follow up letters can vastly increase your efficiency and productivity as a real estate agent or Realtor.

For an extensive set of real estate prospecting letters, real estate thank you letters, and real estate letter templates, visit a site called “My Real Estate Letters*“  This real estate marketing website* also features a free sample of an expired listing prospecting letter for you to use in its entirety or as an example of a real estate prospecting letter to generate leads and new client prospects.

In addition to the 320 real estate letter templates in this user-friendly, well organized software package, this marketing kit also includes client-oriented informational articles you can use in your real estate newsletters, email updates, prospecting letters, and introductory folders. Providing your clients and real estate prospects with relevant information and useful tips will help position you as a credible source of expert advice, guidance, and real estate marketing services.

Check out the free sample of a real estate prospecting letter and other useful information and resources at this website.*






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